Health and Art Classes


I am currently working on a project that uses sculpture as a means to communicate and encourage contraception use.

Switch Cafe
Switch 2 Art was trialed in June running weekly 2 hr art classes for a maximum of 8 participants who were between the ages of 16-24 with varying levels of mental health issues.
The classes ran for 5 weeks and then stopped due to funding issues and poor uptake of sessions. Plus there was an uncertainty about the availability of venue for the future, which meant it, was not practical to continue to promote the class by further advertising.
One young 22 yr old with severe social anxiety has continued to do art with me in Staplhusrt and is now undertaking her Bronze Arts Award.
Drugs and Alcohol
I have worked in the field of drug and alcohol for many years as a nurse. Although not personally an alcoholic I have witnessed the devestating results this disease can cause. I empathise with with those following the AA 12 steps to recovery.
I have also worked in addiction as an artist running art classes, encouraging clients to explore their creative side to use art as a form of self expression and to develop skills that may lead to a potential hobby or more.

Casualty Art
This can be used to teach first aid or as a tool to start discussions about accidents at home, domestic vilolence or drink driving, etc
It has often been used as a way to engage older tennagers with art in a way that is 'cool'

Quit Smoking
Using art as a vehicle to open discussions about smoking has engaged the young people with the topic and allowed them to produce some very powerful work.

Anti Bullying
Discussions about bullying in groups can be a sensitive topic.
i start the conversation from the perspective of what it must feel like to BE a bully, this allows young people to express themselves without feeling too exposed to their own issues. I use this conversation to then discuss posters for anti bullying messages. This method has produced some very powerful work.

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