One picture per person to be displayed. YOU will need to string canvases and frame paper so that it can be hung on the display boards, the more professional the finish the more likley it is to appeal to a buyer. You will need to provide all the materials to do that. MAX size including any frames 75cm sq. But smaller will be good we had more than 40 exhibitors last year and expect more this year.

YOU will also be required to write your own for sale label, we will issue you with the label.
YOU will be required to promote the event through your own networks to encourage footfall to the event.

ARTIST FEES £25 payable in two parts.

1. Entry to Hole park of £7 must be paid on the day at the entrance, you will be able to use this ticket to gain entrance for the whole 5 days.

2. Admin fee (£18) to to take part in En Plein Air Kent is payable at the time of booking and is non-returnable whatever the weather. (profits from this section of the fee will be going to the hospice)

Be considerate to the public and maintain access when setting up your easels. Also be mindful of other artists around you. Set up on a first come first served basis.

The back of your support (canvas, paper, board etc ) will be stamped as you come in. If you need a second stamped it will be £5.

The back of your support must be labelled with your name, En Plein Air Kent registartion no. Title, Medium and price, I will supply the label.

You agree to pay 20% commission of any work sold, at the show or any commission received as a result of the show - after all it is all going to a good cause.

You are permitted to bring other finished work and have it by your easel on day you paint you can sell this work but you need to give 20% commission.

We are not responsible for any damage or theft of your work, you will need your own insurance if you feel it is necessary. We are also not liable for any cheques that do not clear but we will take addresses of customers on the back of a cheque and ask to see other ID for extra security.

Why Pilgrims Hospice?

KERRY will be 50 this year something she thought she would never see. Without the medication she now takes (Vandetineb) she would not be here. This is one of the medicines that NICE want to ban. Before Kerry was put on the tablet 1.5 years ago she had been given weeks to live and was attending Pilgrims Hospice regularly. The side affects of the drug are quite awful but Kerry remains positive and is still here enjoying life!
Kerry has been a great friend for 30 years, we met while we were both nurse training and for the last 23 years she has been suffering with cancer which has required several major opperations. She continued to work as a qualified nurse for all these years taking time off for treatment and then going back to caring for others. She has NEVER asked "why me?" and is always willing to help others, nursing has helped define who she is. The time has now come for her to leave work and seek support from the hospice. I have been really impressed by the services on offer to Kerry and family by Pilgrims Hospice. This event is because it is something I can do to help - powerlessness is difficult. It has also given Kerry a new focus and purpose. Please help support us and have fun too. We anticipate very few costs to run this event and all profits will go to the Hospice (excluding the Hole Park entrance fee - but they are kindly giving me the Coach House space for the exhibition as a donation) if you would like to know more about the lady I admire please click the link to Kerry's story